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This type of denture is used when you are only missing a few teeth. They can be made of acrylic, Vitallium (alloy of several metals) or titanium. The main differences between these three materials are comfort, lightness, bio-compatibility and adaptability.

Many patients who come to me are reluctant to have a partial denture on the lower jaw because they believe adaptation will be difficult. While it may not be easy to adapt to a partial denture, it certainly becomes more difficult to adapt the longer you wait to get one. If your tongue and cheeks have been without dental support for several years, there is normally thickening of the tongue and cheeks where the teeth are missing.

Prothèses dentaires partielles

When a patient has a complete upper denture and the only remaining teeth in the lower jaw are the six to eight teeth in front, several disadvantages can result from not having a partial denture on the lower jaw: continual instability of the upper denture, very poor chewing (high chance of future problems with digestion), teeth migration and premature wear of the anterior dental section of the prosthesis or of natural teeth.

In conclusion, regardless of the type of tooth loss you have, it is strongly recommended to replace missing teeth as soon as possible to avoid any future difficulties caused by the migration of remaining teeth into the edentulous spaces. So, whether it's for partial dentures or to obtain a referral to have single implants (crowns or an implant-supported bridge) placed, don't hesitate to contact us for a free oral examination. We look forward to meeting you and informing you of all your options.