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It's almost always possible to repair dentures. That said, however, it's very important for patients to avoid fixing their own dentures with glue or other adhesive products. After this kind of repair, the prosthesis is likely to break again and may not be repairable. I suggest that you contact a denturist as soon as possible to repair your dentures properly.

It is highly recommended that you always keep your old dentures so that, if your dentures should break over a weekend, you can use the old ones until you find a denturist to repair your current set. Of course, they will not be as well-fitting as your current dentures, but with a little denture adhesive (Poli-Grip or Fixodent) they can do the job temporarily.

All repairs are performed on site in our laboratory in about an hour. In certain cases, if the breakage is beyond repair, we'll advise you to replace your prosthesis. In most cases, breakage occurs when the prosthesis is very old. At that point, if the patient opts for new dentures, the repair of the old prosthesis is done for free.

Réparation de prothèse dentaire